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Dr. Gregory House
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Gregory House's childhood consisted of a great deal of traveling. His father was a Marine corps pilot, thus requiring them to move to different bases frequently. From what we know he was an only child and so probably very lonely. Whilst maybe not picking up lasting friendships during this time, he did acquire a passable understanding for several different languages. House has mentioned an interest in archaeology obtained from Egypt, and, according to "Son of a Coma Guy", obtained his desire to become a doctor from a hospital in Japan. This is all indication that he was bright and observant from a young age. His father's abusive behaviour may have been a beginning point for a life of mistrust and an increasingly asocial attitude. House would later attend Johns Hopkins University and earn his undergraduate degree there. He would go on to aspire for his degree at the Hopkins School of Medicine, only to be expelled when caught cheating off of another student's test. He would then apply at University of Michigan and earn his M.D. there, the same school that Dr. Lisa Cuddy attended.

While practicing medicine he, at some point, becomes acquainted with Dr. Wilson before working at PPTH. House has claimed that Wilson introduced him and Stacy, but has also said that he and Stacy met in a paintball game of doctors versus lawyers. Either way, it is assumed that he knew Wilson before he knew Stacy. Apparently their relationship was very short before he and Stacy moved in with each other. During this time period, he was diagnosed with the leg infarction. Cuddy was his doctor. Amputation was the safest possible solution, but House refused and instead suggested a riskier method that might allow him to keep his leg. They agreed to do the procedure, but the excruciating pain that resulted would not lessen. House then asks to be put in a chemically induced coma. When he does this, Stacy takes over as his medical proxy and chooses a slightly safer procedure that does not involve amputation. She saves his life, but in doing so leaves him with chronic pain and only partial use of his leg. House cannot forgive her for this, and their relationship suffers permanent damage. She finally leaves him after a five year relationship. It is assumed that sometime after the infarction House begins working at Princeton-Plainsboro. (Cuddy says in "Detox" that he is "taking twice as much Vicodin now" as when she hired him.) Wilson and Cuddy have both made note that House hasn't dated anyone for five years, making the date that he and Stacy broke up somewhere around 2000. He hires Chase as a fellow around late 2003, and Cameron six months later, and Foreman roughly six months after her.